People of New York
Sashalynillo is a Latin American visual artist from the Bronx, NY, known for her illustrations, gallery paintings and street art. She leans towards a graphic approach drawing with shapes, line and limited color supported by symbolism. Her drawings are mostly based on news, politics, celebrities and documenting people in the streets of NYC and around the world. After many years of passion and dedicated work, Sashalynillo's art is reaching new heights this year, with her art being displayed at Amber Rose's SlutWalk Art Gallery Show in Los Angeles, the First Election Presidential Debate at Hofstra University and The White House SXSW Festival sponsored by MTV's "Elect This" Campaign. She has also reached International acclaim, having been accepted in the Reportager Award 2015 Exhibition in the United Kingdom.
About the piano
Location: Yellowstone Park, 68th Ave and Yellowstone Blvd, Queens, NY Hours: Dawn to dusk Click here for full map of all Sing for Hope Piano locations. Living in the Bronx for a stretch of 8 years with a sketchbook and a constant craving to explore has given me the opportunity to discover faces of all ethnicities and ages from all 5 boroughs. Recording what revolves around me and reporting back to the world is illustration in a journalistic way. My drawings are done quickly, typically in ink or acrylic paint, which allows the details to spread easily throughout the page. Line and shape play a major part in the way I render my work because it displays the important information of a persons' features or environment surrounding them. This piano is inspired by my trips around New York City and the combinations of people I've seen mostly on the subway on their way to work, back home, or wherever their journey may be. It is a collection of portraits or full-body drawings that will reflect the people of NYC.