Red (Tracy Sagalow)

Meet Me in Central Park
For Meet Me in Central Park, I wanted to create a piano that has major landmarks and sections of Central Park: the "Angels of the Water fountain" portion, horse drawn carriage, The Dairy Visitor Center, the Central Park Zoo clock, and a rowboat on one of the ponds and a bridge.

Red is an artist located in Manhattan. She creates art on wood by either using ink or burning it. She enjoys the unpredictability of working on raw wood. Using her background in film, she likes to try and create an allegorical feel to her work. In addition, she tries to share stories from the world around her and has begun a project to document women from history that make an impact in their field or the world, consisting of 119 women so far. She has just finished her first public art piece in conjunction with Sing for Hope and the New York City Parks service. She has shown in Los Angeles and New York and is a member of the National Association of Women Artists.
About the piano
Central Park: Dairy, 65th Street Transverse. Hours: Mon – Sun 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM See the full map here!