Nick Stavrides

Octopus Among Us
Nick Stavrides was born in Washington Heights in the late 60's and resides in New York City/Hell's Kitchen today. As a child, he would spend hours in the waters of Montauk, snorkeling and drifting among the fish. It was a place where he felt safe and is the inspiration for his fish series that's consumed him for the last 10 years. A self-trained painter, Stavrides embraces the art of different tribes and cultures which gives his work a primitive quality. He also draws inspiration by observing New Yorkers in their daily rhythms on the streets and makes comparison between them and the schools of fish.
About the piano
Location: Hunter's Point South Park, Borden Ave and Center Blvd, Queens, NY. Hours: Dawn to dusk Click here for full map of all Sing for Hope Piano locations. Like New Yorkers, The Octopus Among Us has the potential to become just about anything. I chose this topic because I’ve always been intrigued by how the octopus can change it’s surface texture and color in the blink of an eye. It must be amazing to have such control of your body. I’m also fascinated by how all eight legs act independently of each other, as if each has its own brain. Then there's the fact that each of its many suction cups uses the sense of taste to explore it’s world. We have so much to learn from them. Walking around the piano, you’ll discover The Octopus Among Us pretending to be different beings caught in interactions with fish, seahorses and people. Lastly, this is the first time I tried sculpting.