Natalia D'onofrio

The title of this piano, Klangfarbenmelodie, is derived from a musical theory term developed by composer Arnold Schoenberg. It describes a musical piece composed by splitting a single melody amongst multiple instruments or pitches to create a more colorful composition.

Natalia D'onofrio is a visual artist born in New York in 1990. In her current work, Natalia explores a variety of media and materials while creating artworks that that stem from music. Her paintings and drawings employ color, mark-making and form to express the timbre of musical instruments and the pitch, notes, and tempo of musical composition. These two-dimensional works are abstract and expressive, capturing her own perception of the melodies she depicts. Her three-dimensional artworks are whimsical instruments she creates and encourages viewers to play. Natalia received her BFA in Visual Art, and Media/Film studies from the Macaulay Honors College at Queens College in 2012, and her MFA in Art at The City College of New York in 2015.
About the piano
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