Julia Ladds Clauss

Thank you, Green
The title of the idea hopes to explain the concept. It is amazing to me the beauty and awesome nature of the plants on our planet. With climate change and rising waters on my mind, in this design I would like to highlight and perhaps create a moment to think about plants and all they give. The opportunity to see Earth from afar in a virtual reality experience affected me in a way that is hard to explain. In a very touching and profound way, it showed me both the beauty and vulnerability of our planet. It offered a new context, one where I deeply and innately understood and felt the need to take care. In this piano design, highlighting green and plants and images inspired by their makeup and thanking them, I hope viewers may reflect on plants...what they give, how they live, what they do, and reflect also on care for them and our Earth.

From childhood until now, making things has been part of Julia Ladds Clauss' life...mud pies, egg scenes, embroidery, clove oranges, painting, drawing...Her art is influenced by things engaged through the senses and emotions felt and found inside and in every corner...nature, people and their interactions with one another, perception and feelings, the street and its energy, looking up, looking down, looking everywhere, listening to birds, smelling flowers, juxtapositions, metaphors, reading, listening...Julia paints and draws and often uses materials found and used before. She has become interested in digital art and mixed realities for creating experiences and storytelling. Her style often just evolves or grows from the moment and creates its own reality. People's work and stories across all platforms are a tremendous inspiration to her as well. She believes in the arts as ways of individual expression, healing, cultural reflection, learning, and bringing people together.
About the piano
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