Joseph Gregorevich

The Dance of The Seasons
Born and living Brooklyn, NY until very recently now living in Queens, raised by Ukrainian immigrants in Coney Island. My father pushed me to draw at a young age, pages of practicing straight lines and shapes for hours. I never looked back from then on I was drawing then painting, for family for friends I've created work ranging from portraits to tattoo designs over the years. I never had a formal art education but have taken class a various schools and read books to learn new skill set and gain different perspectives, and continue to do so. For me music is the most beautiful art form and my goal is to create visual art that gives you the same experience, makes you think and feel in the same way as well as having a visual appeal. Most recently nature has been a focus in my work, concentrating on patterns.
About the piano
Location: Little Red Square, 272 6th Ave, New York, NY Hours: Dawn to dusk Click here for full map of all Sing for Hope Piano locations. From the bottom of the piano, the roots of a tree grow upwards, as branches and leaves burst out in all directions. The black and white tree trunk, with its intricate lines, flows through the colorful dancing leaves, as they move in a wave-like pattern. The piano conveys the explosive beauty of nature, and the richness of detail throughout the piano mimic the fascinating complexity one might encounter on a walk through the woods.