David Provan

The Shape of Sound
As a starting point, I took a diagram of sound waves radiating out from a central point, which appears as a series of concentric rings. I then multiplied that set of concentric sound waves and overlapped them to indicate a series of sounds playing in unison.

EDUCATION B.A. (Art and Architecture), Yale University, New Haven, CT, 1979 M.A. (Painting), Royal College of Art, London, England, 1981 ONE & TWO-PERSON EXHIBITIONS 2017 The Black Drawings, Bau Gallery, Beacon, NY Splendorla sculpture installation, Matteawan Gallery, Beacon, NY Private Horizon sculpture installation, Rye Arts Center, Rye, NY 2016 The Inability of the Radius to Know the Circumference installation at Matteawan Gallery, Beacon, NY 2013 Divinings, Marina Gallery, Cold Spring, NY 2012 Converging/Parallel, Marina Gallery, Cold Spring, NY 2011 Sculpture, Marina Gallery, Cold Spring, NY 1999 Three Kinds of Change, Mobil Building Lobby, 150 E.42nd St. New York, NY 1994 Sculptures, Mindy Oh Gallery, Chicago, IL Ise Art Foundation, New York, NY 1991 David Provan: Recent Sculpture, Grace Borgenicht Gallery, New York.
About the piano
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