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Volunteer as an Artist

Share Your Art and Change the World

Whether you are a professional actor or amateur singer, a budding playwright or award-winning poet, a classical sculptor or ballerina – there is a place for you on our Artist Roster! Our only requirement for becoming involved is that you have a genuine desire to volunteer your creative talents to uplift the community, and that you share our belief that all people deserve access to the arts.

If you’re not an artist, but are interested in volunteering with Sing for Hope, please check out the opportunity to become a Project Leader. Be a part of making the art possible.

What it’s Like to Volunteer

  • Don’t take it from us — listen to nine Artist Partners
    tell why they choose to share their talents through Sing for Hope.

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The Artist Partner Experience

  • Abby Powell

    After my very first experience volunteering, my life was forever changed. Volunteering for Sing for Hope has brought me all I hoped for and more. I thought the act of volunteering was something that I was doing to help ease the minds of patients in hospitals, but it’s those very people that I sing for that ease my own mind!

    Markus Beam

    Being able to brighten someone’s day, to inspire them, or just to take their minds off of their troubles for even a few moments, means more to me than any professional achievement to date. Volunteering with Sing for Hope helps remind me why I do what I do. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the business side of being a performer, but when I stand in front of these beautiful people and see the effect that music and song has on them, it enforces in the most immediate way, the real reason for standing up to sing.

    Andrea Frierson

    Being a Sing for Hope volunteer teacher is richly rewarding and reminds me of the teen I once was: full of passion for the arts while trying to make sense of the world I lived in- which is why the arts are so important. I think it’s wonderful that an organization like Sing for Hope provides kids who might not otherwise have the opportunity a safe space to explore through various disciplines what it means to be human. As one of my Sing for Hope acting students put it, "sometimes it feels good to be in someone else’s skin for a while."