The Impact of Sing for Hope Pianos in Schools
March 12, 2018


When NYC public schools are chosen to receive a Sing for Hope Piano, they enter into a partnership that will serve as a catalyst for future programming. We want to know the particular impact the SFH Pianos have in each school. To that end, we surveyed our partner schools, and there’s good news: 153 arts programs have been created or expanded since the addition of the Sing for Hope Pianos—more than one new program per school!

The Sing for Hope Pianos, and the schools who house them, are up to some big things:

  • 34,000 students use Sing for Hope Pianos in their schools during the year.
  • 17,000 of those students use their pianos in their General Music Classes.
  • 6,000 use the piano in Chorus, Band, or Dance.
  • 2,500 use the piano in their School Musical.
  • There are 500 more young pianists in NYC thanks to piano lessons offered on Sing for Hope Pianos.

Some of that expanded programming made possible by the SFH Pianos includes the ability to reach new groups of students. PS 120’s Serena Forzaglia says, “Our Sing for Hope Piano has helped us develop a music program for our youngest scholars, as our Pre-K and Kindergarten students receive music instruction each day using it!  We are so grateful to have this beautiful instrument.”

For some, the Sing for Hope Piano provides some much-needed inspiration. “There is a student in our school who commutes from the Bronx all the way to deep Brooklyn. It is very difficult for him to get to school and once he is here, he struggles to remain engaged. The sole reason he finds the motivation to come to school is to play the piano. His attendance has gone up and he is more focused and patient in class knowing that he will get to play the piano for staying on task and doing his best work.”

Students aren’t the only ones using our Sing for Hope Pianos in schools: 24,000 community members use or benefit from the piano throughout the year. Combined with the 34,000 students, that’s 58,000 people who benefit from our Sing for Hope Pianos in schools. We are so grateful to our Citizen Artist Schools for their very important half of this partnership.

There’s even more good news: we have 50 new Sing for Hope Pianos poised to enter the school district and the city this year and add to those numbers. While we’re buoyed by the impact we already see, one thing is clear: this is just the beginning.

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