Sing for Hope

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Yuki Sakaguchi

Piano Title
Piano For Reminding Miracles In Our Lives 2016

About the Piano
When I met this piano for the first time, I sat in front the piano and I was looking at it for a long time. Suddenly I got a vision. It was a black and white image. There were some diagonal lines. I sketched it quickly, and those lines became clouds, sky, ocean and light.

Painting always amazes me. When I am painting, I feel like I am finding a clue to the mystery. At some point, I say “Oh! I got it!!” looking at what I did, as if someone gave me an answer thorough my painting. So, I have never thought my paintings are mine. For me, painting is a gift from universe.

I have been painting to remind me and people “There are many miracles around us.” I had some miraculous experiences in my life. After I experienced them, I became aware that there is a plan in my life, everything is meant to be. Then I thought that I no longer need to feel fear and anxiety about feature. I represented the power of the miraculous moment on this piano.

I hope people will enjoy playing this piano, and I am looking forward to meeting everyone!

About the Artist
Yuki Sakaguchi is a painter, illustrator, graphic designer and Reiki practitioner specializing in spiritual aesthetics. Yuki was born in Wakayama, Japan, and in 2012, she moved to New York to rediscover her life abandoning her twenty year career as an actress and ten year career as a graphic designer.

On November 2012, Yuki stopped by the Art Students League of New York and felt an unexplainable connection to the school. Two months later, she got into the school and started to learn painting from Ronnie Landfield. At the end of 2013, Yuki remembered a book that she bought in Japan and had not read yet. After opening the book “The Art Spirit by Robert Henri”, she was astonished because it said, “This is a letter for the students of Art Students League”. Yuki believes the book brought her to the school.

When Yuki paints, she lets go of her thoughts, as her mind escapes from reality. Out of nowhere, a burst of energy possesses her entire being helping her create her work. For Yuki, painting is always unpredictable, as she purposely works in a non-objective manner to reach something brilliant. During this journey, her objective is to always have a conversation with God.