Rob Baird

Rob Baird is a visual artist based in Brooklyn, NY. He has gained a reputation for intricate detail in his intellectual and emotionally stirring imagery. While preferring to leave most work open to interpretation, the artist develops concepts around personal life experiences as well as social commentary. Among other influences, artists Tim Burton, Tomi Ungerer, and Ralph Steadman are cited as sources of inspiration for his work. His portfolio continues to grow and spans a wide variety of material including illustrations, cartoons, and graphic designs.
About the piano
While creating an aesthetically exciting piece that says “come play me,” I want this piano to stir people into considering how the arts, math, and sciences are intertwined as fundamental building blocks of the human experience. I believe a key element of the SFH mission and what makes specifically the pianos project so profound is that it encourages all of us to embrace the infinite possibilities created when we explore these realms together as a community.