Sing for Hope

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P.S. 126 Jacob August Riis School

Piano Title
We Love NYC!

About the Piano
Silhouettes of the New York City skyline wrap around a backdrop as colorful as the city itself.

About the Artist
This piano was painted by 3rd graders from P.S. 126's Y School program.

The Y Schools program model establishes a full-time Y presence in partner schools. Y Schools takes a holistic approach to youth development by offering enhanced programs and services that extend from the opening school bell to day’s end.

Through our partnership with the YMCA, Sing for Hope’s Youth Arts program connects Y kids at P.S. 126 with Volunteer Artists under the guidance of experienced staff in a creative arts curriculum designed to stimulate confidence, enhance self-esteem, encourage self-expression, and nurture positive development in young people and local communities.

This piano was created with the guidance of Sing for Hope Volunteer Artist Jenna Samotin. Jenna Samotin is an artist, early childhood educator and native New Yorker. A painter, photographer and filmmaker, she draws artistic inspiration from architecture, geometry, the shapes and textures of an urban landscape, and the aesthetic resonance of young children's artwork. From 2011-2013, Jenna was one of 88 NYC-based artists chosen to participate in a public art installation titled, "Sing for Hope's Pop-Up Pianos.” In Spring 2016, her short film was part of the collective exhibition, "Creative Mischief" at the National Academy School and Museum. Jenna also enjoys interior design and traveling the world.