Keith Carollo

Happy Birthday
I'm a graphic designer and artist living in upstate New York who is jazzed to work on projects both large and small. I love the detailed, exacting process of perfecting page layouts on the computer - where even the space between letters is considered - but I'm also excited/terrified to experiment on public projects of a much different scale, to take a small illustration I've made and bring it to the side of a building. I've designed business cards and billboards and everything from packaging to posters to (now) pianos. I feel so lucky for these great and challenging opportunities. Right now my favorite, most personal project is a book I am both designing and writing. It's a informative, funny, personal and colorful mood-turnaround read, intended to help anyone experiencing sadness/depression. My dream is that my simple, playful work will help you in hard times.
About the piano
I had my own Easy Bake oven growing up and I loved to make those mini frosted cakes. I'd make 'em in my little bedroom - do kids still do that? - and had a blast. Felt really creative to me and also something I could just enjoy on my own, didn't need a parent or a friend. Not sure why, really, but I wanted to use that as inspiration and style the piano very simple, bright and happy. I wanted it to abstractly resemble something like buttercream frosting with sprinkles.