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Eric Inkala

Piano Title
Dearly Beloved

About the Piano
Electric word life
It means forever and that's a mighty long time….

Prince Forever. All purple everything all day everyday. Rest In Peace…

About the Artist
Brooklyn-­based Eric Inkala is a self­-taught artist whose highly visual and ever-
evolving style has ripened from graffiti to pop art to contemporary art. His work presents a playful graphic language in the form of a signature character who serves as a vehicle for an autobiographical narrative. It's through this personal storyline that Inkala is able to channel thoughts and emotions into expressions of shape, color and text. His universally approachable concept is amplified through increasingly complex patterns and symmetry, which over the years have reflected both the abstract escapades of his trademark character and Inkala's own artistic journey. Working primarily in acrylic, his paintings vary in size from large-­scale canvas to sculpture, prints and small works on paper.

Eric Inkala was born in Minneapolis, MN. His work has been exhibited nationally at galleries such as THIS Gallery (CA), Parlour Gallery (NJ), Public Functionary (MN), and most recently at Joseph Gross Gallery (NYC) and at Scope Miami Beach 2015. His work has also been presented internationally, most recently at Gallery Poulsen in Copenhagen Denmark. Inkala murals have covered walls in Minneapolis, Palm Springs, and at the Ace Hotel in New York City.