Sing for Hope Youth Chorus

Find Your Inspiration
Bringing together high school students from across New York City, the Sing for Hope Youth Chorus meets twice a week year-round and is at the core of our Youth Arts programming. By welcoming aspiring musicians of all levels, the Sing for Hope Youth Chorus empowers students who wish to pursue singing seriously but have had limited access to music training. Under the leadership of Director of Youth Arts Stephanie Martinez, the Chorus has performed from City Hall to the United Nations, alongside renowned musicians such as Renee Fleming and Jon Batiste. This piano has been created with the guidance of Sing for Hope Volunteer Artists Laura Ricciardi and Jessica Browne-White.
About the piano
This piano features a nature scene with words of inspiration incorporated in the trees and clouds. Cherry blossoms drape over the side panels and a bold gradient sunset decorates the back of the instrument. We hope this piano inspires you to "dream" and "grow." It is a reflection of our experience as part of the Sing for Hope Youth Chorus... where we've found our inspiration.