Rocelli de Guzman

Save Me A Dream
My concept for the piano design is depicting scenes inspired from Paul William's song "Save Me a Dream". It will be scenes of different New Yorkers—subway commuters who at the end of the day are relaxing, exchanging happy stories with friends, just glad to have finished a day at work, listening to music, staring out of the window enjoying the sunset, sleeping on a parent's shoulders, or just looking at other passengers. Different lines from the song, like "There are dreams holding promise and pure inspiration worth waiting for" and "Some find a purpose, a sense of direction in a wandering mind, if ideas are prizes, like children of angels, who knows what they will find" are part of the artwork.

An artist at heart, my expression of the arts is in anything that moves the creativity in me, in poetry, a song, a sketch, painting or catching the perfect picture through camera, even in food through cooking and baking. My degree in fine arts has taught me to appreciate the uniqueness in everything around me. I get drawn into something not because of what an object or anything is known for but seeing something deeper in that object to appreciate it more. As I am enchanted by New York, which the world sees as the place where you can taste the big life, there's more to see and appreciate which is a big opportunity in art expression. It is not just the glamour and power that I see, but also the mixture of simplicity and complexity that each individual New Yorker brings in to the city that has contributed to the city's uniqueness. I always believed that art in in the eyes of the beholder. The artist's way to share emotions within. To share one's self to the world.
About the piano
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