Peggy Padovano

Balloons of Inspiration
In the past, I have assisted my husband on four Sing for Hope pianos, and this year I’ve decided to do one of my own. Although I am not a trained artist per se, I have learned much from looking at art and have developed a deep appreciation and fascination for the creative process. In this way I’ve been able to establish my own artistic voice and as desire to express the beauty I see in so many things. With the paintings skills I have developed over the past four years, I knew I was ready to apply them to my own project. I have also assisted in creating two large public mural projects at PS 41 in Staten Island and at the Staten Island Ferry Terminals’ “Culture Lounge” art space. These endeavors have opened a whole new world of being able to express my vision and feelings as well as applying them to community service.
About the piano
Location: Midland Beach Boardwalk, Father Capodanno Blvd & Jefferson Avenue, Staten Island, NY Hours: 9AM - 8:30PM Click here for full map of all Sing for Hope Piano locations. What better way to help someone than to introduce them to the healing power of music? There may be someone who already knows how to play and will be reintroduced or there may be someone who may want to learn. How great would it be if this actually helped someone through this difficult process. I remember my Dad, who was an alcoholic for most of his life turning to running. He, at 47, ran his first NYC Marathon and two years later another. Each person is different and we never know what will be the "switch" for them.