Nupur Nishith

Sounds of Nature
Nupur Nishith is a New Jersey based artist born in Madhubani district of Mithila region in India. She learned the basics of art from her mother while art is inspired from the folk art of Mithila or Madhubani Paintings which are part of every festival and major religious function in the region.  She has evolved a unique style of art with an amalgamation of traditional motifs of ancient folk art with modern contemporary themes and tools with global appeal. She has taken the art form to paper, cloth, wood, ceramic, terra-cotta, glass, and even digital paintings too from the traditional paintings on walls and floors. She has won awards for her handmade paintings at shows in US and India while her digital paintings have featured on award winning film, clothing line for children. Her painting Dheeya won award at the show Color organized by BWAC juried by curator from MoMA in 2016. Her paintings are in private collection all over the world She also uses her art for social causes where she has made special paintings for NGOs working in the field of education and promotion of creative learning. She maintains a website by the name of “Creative Mithila” to showcase her paintings and talk about the art form. The name self-describes itself where her art is inspired from the traditional ancient art from Mithila though evolved in her own unique style.
About the piano
Location: 28 Liberty Plaza, 28 Liberty St, New York, NY Hours: 9AM - 9PM Click here for full map of all Sing for Hope Piano locations. I have dedicated the design of the piano to Nature. The style of art is inspired from an ancient folk art Mithila Painting/ Madhubani Paintings from India. The elements incorporated in the design draws reference from nature with presence of Sun, Birds, Animals, flowers, leaves and the Earth Goddess. The design can be stated as the three segments of Nature with Sky area, Earth or Land area and Water area. Sky segment is highlighted on top with bright Sun among the clouds and flying birds. The Land Area is highlighted on front with the Earth Goddess, beautiful chirpy peacocks on both the sides and animals on the back side. The Water area is highlighted on the bottom with lotus and fishes. These colorful elements from nature intend to bring joy and satisfaction to the art and music lovers. I have tried to create a blend of bright colors with intricate details inspired from the Mithila artform. As per my style of art I have painted mostly freehand by brush and acrylic without using stencils or pattern tools by hands. As with my style, I visualized the objects and situations in two-dimensional perspective to create the motifs and designs which makes the art unique and distinct.