Melanie Wagner

Ransom Notes
Melanie & Marie are a mother-daughter team that has been working together creatively for the past 20+ years. This would be their second piano for the Sing for Hope Pianos project. They are also part of the songwriting group The Better Half, which writes, records and produces original music for sync placements in tv and movie soundtracks. Melanie & Marie had the pleasure of running a songwriting workshop for Sing For Hope's Arts Intensive this past summer and continue to pursue any and all creative opportunities that come their way.
About the piano
Location: Lilia Restaurant Plaza, 567 Union Avenue, Brooklyn, NY Hours: 7AM - 1:30AM Click here for full map of all Sing for Hope Piano locations. A ransom note does not discriminate. It takes a letter from here and a letter from there, and when they are all brought together on a page, they work as a whole to create something that draws us in. The same could be said for the Sing For Hope Pianos Project. With the pianos created by artists from all over the world being the letters and New York City being the page, the stage is set for music to captivate throughout all five boroughs.