Marques de Jadraque

The big hug piano.
A red background and many figures in white, of different sizes, without orientation to sex or race, with open arms (the hug, big hug) with the silhouettes drawn in black.

Marques de Jadraque (Miguel Garcia), was born in Palencia, Spain, in 1961. When Migu He was enrolled in the Palencia School of Fine arts from 1972-1980. In 1981, received a scholarship to study with the renowned Spanish portrait artist, Joaquin Torrens Llado, at his "Escuela Livre del Mediterraneo" in Barcelona from 1981-1986. During that time, Miguel traveled in both Europe, Mexico and the United States painting portraits on commission. In 1986, he moved to Los Angeles where he began painting a series of café scenes that reached critical acclaim in a series of exhibits with the Galeria Misrachi in Mexico City, 10 Chancery Lane in Hong Kong, and the Marion Meyer Gallery in California. During a nine month stay in London, his fascination turned to traffic signals and street signs. His series are broad but always revolve around the quotidian: spoons, pots and pans, clothing lines, traffic signals, birds, cafes, cactus, people. In 2006, he moved to Brooklyn, New York.
About the piano
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