Lexy Ho-Tai

Let's Play!
Hello! Nice to meet you! My name is LEXY. I'm an explorer, dreamer, and maker of things. I like making all sorts of things. Mostly, I enjoy making things that ignite joy and make people smile. I'm highly inspired by the minds of children, and I take play very seriously. I'm interested in exploring social themes through humorous and playful interactive pieces. I love experimenting and working in different mediums. Aside from making, I also love art teaching and programming. I conceptualized and co-created Accessible Art, a free adaptive art program for disabled youth in the Bronx. I have taught art and sewing at various schools, camps, and privately. Helping youth express and manifest their creative ideas gives me so much joy! I have a BFA in Fashion Design from Parsons School for Design. I'm based in New York City, though I seem to spend most of my time up in the clouds...
About the piano
Location: Greenbelt Nature Center, 700 Rockland Avenue, Staten Island, NY Hours: T-SUN 10AM - 5PM, Closed M Click here for full map of all Sing for Hope Piano locations. Joy! Play! Explore! Fun! A lot of my work explores my own love/ hate relationship with New York City. On one hand, I love the energy and the feeling of "anything is possible!" However, it can be overwhelming and exhausting -- punctuated by the fact that New Yorkers can often be jaded, disconnected, and blase. A lot of times, I find myself retracting to colorful, imaginative, and playful worlds to combat these negative feelings. It helps me stay energized and joyful. I chose to create a piano that makes people feel the same - energized, joyful, and that anything is possible! The piano is a manifestation of playful creatures that aim to provide an escape from the grey NYC landscape. The top of the piano is filled with dimensional paper mache and textile creatures, collectively exclaiming, "Let's PLAY!" There are positive words and paintings of the creatures painted around the piano. The whole piano is an explosion of color, pattern, texture, and imagination! I used mixed-media for the piano, including paint and 3D elements made from textile and sculpture. This will invite people to explore the piano - both visually, and through touch. I hope this piano design sparks a smile and ignites joy - this is the main purpose of my art.