Lance Johnson

My name is Lance Johnson, I'm an NYC-based artist, and I'm honored to design one of the Sing for Hope Pianos. "Think...create...inspire." That's the motto I bring to every piece I construct. I am seduced by the process of creating something vibrant and thought-provoking to share with the world. I am an artist because I want not only to celebrate the legacy of my ancestors but add to it. When I was 14, I was exposed to the artwork of Romare Bearden, the famous collage artist from the Harlem Renaissance. It changed my life. It was like a seed was planted in me. Collage, to me, is all about the process and improvisation. That spoke to me immediately. I love the idea of combining random images and creating stories from the parts. Like hip-hop, my work grabs from the past to decorate my present.
About the piano
Location: Prospect Park: Grand Army Plaza, 20 Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn, NY Hours: Dawn to dusk Click here for full map of all Sing for Hope Piano locations. The inspiration for my Piano is Jazz. I wanted to visually express the improvisational creativity of the music; to capture the spirit of exploration and the inspiration I feel when I hear Jazz. When I hear it, I feel like I'm listening to the equivalence of a Pollock painting. The depth...the layers...the textures. I wanted the rhythm to take control of the design. I'm beyond proud to be a part of the Sing For Hope family. I'm humbled to know that one day the next great Jazz musician may tickle the keys of THIS piano! That's what it's all about!