Joseph Meloy

Growing up in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, Joseph Meloy was exposed at an early age to the expressive power of art in the street and the diversity of the world around him. He draws inspiration from the city's bustling energy and the constant struggle between beauty and challenge. His murals can be found all over the Lower East Side, bringing light and positivity to a variety of local storefronts, businesses and public art projects. His distinct visual language of bright colors and abstract shapes can be spotted from blocks away. Meloy's journey as an artist began in digital media, working as a graphic designer for many years before making the leap into fine arts. Since crossing that gap in 2010, Meloy has become an important contributor to the conversation of what our city's future should look like, as an active participant and organizer in the downtown art scene.
About the piano
Location: Rockaway Beach: Boardwalk at 86th, 8601 Shore Front Parkway, Queens, NY Hours: Closes at 10PM Click here for full map of all Sing for Hope Piano locations. This piano is an abstract expressionist painting with bright colors, hard lines, and geometric shapes. The work is meant to inspire a sense of delight, inquiry and inspiration. At it's core the work offers the viewer a parallel universe to our own. While not conforming to the laws of physics this could be seen as a city. Both landscape and figures can be seen within the piece. A stop light, a map, a train, perhaps a totem pole could be taken from the shapes and colors on the piano. At it's basic level the piece is meant to add joy and color to a city street. For those who look for the deeper meaning in the piece they will be confronted with the subconscious translation of what the city feels like. If New York City were a color, what color would it be? Go with your gut instinct and do not question it. Western society often feels the need to over-analyze and rationalize the emotional rather than lean into it and explore it. That's what this piece is asking us to do.