Jordy Lievers-Eaton

This year, as part of an ongoing exploration of Mexican and Southwestern patterns and craft techniques, I have created a piano inspired by embroidery and textiles. I have used a combination of acrylic and fabric paint to create a subtle three-dimensional texture intended to invoke stitches. I played with the scale of floral and geometric motifs across the different surfaces of the piano, inspired the bright colors of the Chiapas, Yucatan, and Morelos regions. Jordy Lievers-Eaton is a visual artist and designer originally from Encinitas, California, who specializes in hand lettering, abstract painting, and collage. She is constantly inspired by the colors and craft heritage of the American Southwest and Mexico, and her 2017 Sing for Hope Piano used painted paper to reference the decorative tiles and vibrant flowers of her home in Southern California. She holds an MFA in Acting from the A.R.T. Institute at Harvard and a BA in Art History and English Literature from Columbia University.
About the piano
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