Izabel Lam

Paganini the Emperor Penguin
Inspired by the undulating shapes and constant movements of life in the sea, scuba-diver-artist IZABEL LAM has created an original collection full of watery allusions. Izabel's art jewelry and home accessories (including cutlery, dinnerware, glasses, candleholders, mirrors, lamps and tables) can be identified by the fluid aqueous elements and registered trademark IZABEL LAM. Objects from THE LIQUID ART OF IZABEL LAM COLLECTION can be found among the best modern art museums, the finest restaurants and hotels throughout Asia, Europe and the Americas. Fascinated by 3D PRINTING, Izabel has now incorporated these mediums to her repertoire of intricate sculptures, jewelry and table top objects.
About the piano
Location: Carl Schurz Park, East 86th Street & East End Ave, New York, NY Hours: Dawn to dusk Click here for full map of all Sing for Hope Piano locations. A new member from the aquatic world has joined Izabel's family - OPUS THE OCTOPUS, STELLA THE SEASTAR, AND GREGORY THE GRAY WHALE... PAGANINI THE EMPEROR PENGUIN ventured from the Antartica to New York City to parade in this year’s SFH Pianos program. I am inspired by these magnificent animals of their tenacity in facing harshest environments together as a group - together they can endure all odds and thrive. It's a lesson to be learnt by all. Penguins employ physiological adaptations and cooperative behaviors in order to deal with an incredibly harsh environment, where wind chills can reach -76°F (-60°C). They huddle together to escape wind and conserve warmth. Individuals take turns moving to the group's protected and relatively toasty interior. Once a penguin has warmed a bit it will move to the perimeter of the group so that others can enjoy protection from the icy elements. Their determination is to be admired!