Irina Sheynfeld

Galapagos Sea Birds
Irina Sheynfeld grew up in Odessa, Ukraine where she was classically trained as a painter, and puppet maker. Then she continued her studies at Parsons School of Design where she earned BFA, then she received MFA at School of Visual Arts. Irina had multiple solo exhibitions, her work was included in juried group shows and published by various publications including WSJ, Money Magazine and Oxygen Media. Ms. Sheynfeld is a recipient of the COJECO's Blueprint Fellowship and Grant.
About the piano
Location: 28 Liberty Plaza, 28 Liberty St, New York, NY Hours: 9AM - 9PM Click here for full map of all Sing for Hope Piano locations. This past summer I visited Galapagos Islands, and I was struck by the abundance and beauty of life that was preserved there due to remoteness and arid climate. What I saw made me realize how empty of life and animals are most places that I had seen in my life. Our forests and rivers are almost completely devoid of life as it once was, and the species that we still see are rapidly disappearing. It is almost impossible to imagine what North American or European forests and river basins were like before humans transformed them into an almost continuous urban and sub-urban sprawl. I want my piano to be a song of a celebration of seabirds and their life in the clouds.