George Bates

The piece is a direct extension of an interest in exploring ideas of convergence, connectivity, interrelation, and commingling riffing on past aesthetic explorations of the theme—"You Can't Have a Utopia of One".

George Bates has created two permanently installed outdoor public art projects for the NYC Metropolitan Transportation Authority-Arts & Design program that can be seen at 36th Street, Rockaway, Queens and Central Avenue, Bushwick, Brooklyn subway stations. He has also received a public art commission from the RTD FasTracks North Metro Line in Aurora, Colorado permanently installed in 2016 and is currently working on large scale public art projects to be permanently installed for the transit systems of Charlotte, North Carolina; Phoenix, Arizona; and El Paso, Texas. His work has been exhibited at the Laguna Art Museum in California, included in a variety of group shows worldwide, appeared in Los Angeles as a temporary public art project and exhibited as a solo show of his sketchbooks in Munich, Germany.
About the piano
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