Elena Iosilevich

'Dreamer' Inspired by Kandinsky
My Kandinsky-inspired piano consists of a blend of lines and colors which reflect my interpretation of his abstract way of thinking. The sun and moon, bright and dark colors, and different geometric shapes symbolize the interconnected, opposite forces of nature that we experience on a daily basis. Ultimately, the rendering explores the theme of daydreaming as an escape from reality.

Elena Iosilevich is a Russian-American artist who was born in Kaliningrad, Russia. Elena studied fashion design at LEX University in Tallinn. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Elena returned to Kaliningrad, where she earned her diploma from the State Art and Industry College in Decorative Art major. In 1996, Elena moved to New York, where she studied figurative drawing at The National Academy and School of Fine Art. Elena is a member of the Southampton Artist Association, National Association of Women Artists, International Art Alliance, and Brooklyn Arts Council organizations. Elena created The Pushkin Society Artists Guild that unites emerging and professional artists and works as an art director at The Pushkin Society in America. Elena believes that observation and creativity, as well as hard work and learning, are the keys to her development as an artist. She currently lives and works in New York, NY.
About the piano
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