Alexandra Turchinsky

The Reality of Play
My name is Alexandra Turchinsky. Instead of writing to you who I am professionally I am going to write to you what I think is important about me. I am from New York City. I was raised in Queens and have always felt like the city belonged to me. I guess we all do in a way, that is he beauty of New York. I am a teacher. I teach Special Education to 1st and 2nd graders. I find this important to share because how I define myself as an educator is part of why I want to create this piano. What I see with my students through the power of music is the ability to make the world beautiful and exciting. Today my first graders invented a song about never giving up. We chanted it so loudly I am sure that they heard me in the hallways. I am an artist. My background is in the visual arts and my undergraduate degree is in photography. How I have decided to practice being an artist is through education. I am a community builder. I believe in the power of collaboration. New York is my home.
About the piano
Location: Van Cortlandt House Museum, 6036 Broadway (@ W 246th Street), Bronx, NY Hours: T-F 10AM - 4PM / SAT-SUN 11AM - 4PM / Closed M Click here for full map of all Sing for Hope Piano locations. I believe in the power of a doodle. I think the most important part of this piano is the fact that it feels like a drawing anyone could have drawn on the side of a notebook. There is a playfulness that people are attracted to. I hope they gravitate towards the idea that it is fun, and they want to play on the fun piano that reminds them of their childlike doodles. The phrase, "The Eyes of New York are in the Trees," floats, over and over again, in my head. I have always loved that New York is filled with trees that have been here longer than the people. I feel as though a piano in a public space can act like that - "seeing" all the people that sit on it or sing around it. The concept is a playful doodle.