Alexandra Turchinsky

Lavender Honey
During my time working with children, one of the things that I have always been in awe of is a child's ability to make magic out of the ordinary. The beauty of imagination and fantasy is that it is never-ending: with one statement or image, a new game is created and unlocked. This piano encompasses that element of fantasy. Let the bees be a part of the landscape and imagination run free.

My name is Alexandra Turchinsky. I was raised in Queens and have always felt like the city belonged to me. I guess we all do in a way; that is the beauty of New York. I am a teacher—I find this important to share because the way I define myself as an educator is part of why I wanted to create this piano. What I see with my students through the power of music is the ability to make the world beautiful and exciting. I am a creator, a storyteller, and a community builder, and I have decided to practice my artistry through education and collaboration.
About the piano
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