Work with Sing for Hope as a NYC Civic Corps Member
May 29, 2017
Hello! For those that we haven’t met yet, we’re Emi and Eric! We’ve been working at Sing for Hope as part of a 10-month AmeriCorps program called NYC Civic Corps. (Emi, native of Arkansas, graduated from Rhodes College in 2016 with a Bachelor’s of Psychology. Eric, originally from Long Island, graduated in 2016 from Dartmouth with a degree in Art History.) After college, we were both looking for a way to do some good in the community and explore New York City. We applied to Civic Corps, went through a few rounds of interviews with NYC Service, and then eventually interviewed with Sing for Hope. We both fell in love with the organization (and vice versa!), and were each offered the position shortly after. It’s no coincidence that we both play piano and love art – looking back, Sing for Hope seems like the only logical choice for each of us. We were brought on to Sing for Hope to help with recruiting and managing volunteers at a crucial time of growth in the organization, and along the way we’ve gotten to experience so much more. We’ve represented Sing for Hope at street fairs and colleges all around the city, led new volunteer orientations, spoken with arts groups in all 5 boroughs, and interacted with countless talented artists. Beyond those duties, we were able to help with Sing for Hope Arts Week (a free arts camp for high school students), and even got to be involved with prepping the Sing for Hope Pianos before their time on the streets this June. While all of the work has always been varied, interesting, and rewarding, what we’ve enjoyed the most has been getting to know the volunteers of Sing for Hope. We’ve met so many wonderful artists, and we’re so grateful for everything they do. From performing for veterans, children, and hospital patients, to painting pianos and Project Leading, our volunteers do it all. We have learned so much from everyone, and we’ll carry these lessons with us as we move forward from Sing for Hope. We would both highly recommend Civic Corps if someone has the desire and interest to better New York City and themselves. Not only did we gain professional skills and expand our networks, but we got to work with talented musicians and artists every day. We saw the benefits of music and art first hand, and it has defined and made our service incredibly worthwhile. We’ve been fortunate to have a very positive experience these past months, and we’ve heard these feelings echoed among many other Civic Corps members. The application to become a 2017-2018 Civic Corps member is open (click here) and and we encourage anyone interested to apply! This is a full-time, paying position. Sing for Hope will be looking for two new Civic Corps members in the coming months, so feel free to contact us or the SFH office if you’re interested in working with the organization as an AmeriCorps Member! Make art for all possible: donate today Join our community: become an artist partner