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Membership Benefits

Membership Has its Privileges!


In addition to the intangible benefits of creating a better world, SFH Artist Partners enjoy:

Buzz  •  Professional Development  •  Networking  •  Fun  

As a Sing for Hope Artist Partner, you deliver hope and healing where it is needed most. Your gift of time and talent is life-changing for the communities you serve, and you see this every time you volunteer. Other benefits that SFH Artist Partners mention include the feeling of joy that comes from making a difference; re-sparked creativity and inspiration; new and renewed friendships; a sense of artistic community; and the increased confidence that comes from trying something different, practicing skills in a new environment, and even discovering hidden talents. To all of these intangible positives, SFH is delighted to be able to offer our generous Artist Partners these membership benefits:


• Name and hyperlinked website listing on Sing for Hope’s esteemed Artist Partner Roster page of the SFH website
• Social media and web/blog shout-outs, praise, and promotion of your work
• Instagram “takeovers” and other social media influencer perks
• Featured Artist Partner spotlights posted on the SFH website and select media outlets
• Wall of Fame and other high-profile citations of service and acknowledgements of volunteerism milestones


• Professional networking events, creative sessions, influencer events, and panels with leaders in the fields of creative enterprise and social impact
• Opportunities to perform and curate programming in high-profile public settings
• Online & print publishing opportunities
• Gallery showings of artwork at the SFH Studio/Port Authority and other high-profile location
• Professional and academic references


• Invitation-only SFH Artist Partner events, including open mic nights, sip & sketch gatherings, etc.
• Regular raffles and prizes (recent offerings include JetBlue tickets, restaurant gift certificates, etc.)
• SWAG! Including T-shirts, totes, buttons, note cards, pens, mugs, etc.


As an SFH Artist Partner, through your volunteerism you can work your way up to additional incentives including:

Professional headshots and/or photos of your work
• Invitations to the Sing for Hope Gala
• Special recognition items, including custom SFH jackets, hoodies, etc.

Your End of the Bargain


SFH Artist Partners commit to maximizing their impact by

Prepping  •  Volunteering  •  Growing the Movement

Simply put, Sing for Hope Artist Partners are our heroes. Your creative volunteerism is life-changing for the communities we serve. As a Sing for Hope Artist Partner, you agree to meet
these membership expectations:

PREPPING: Getting Ready to Create a Better World Through Your Art!

Preparing to change the world through SFH is as easy as one-two-three – or more precisely, as easy as one-two! As an Artist Partner, you will start your Sing for Hope journey with the following two simple steps:

•Step One: Sign up to join the Sing for Hope roster online. It only takes a couple minutes for you to share a bit about yourself, your art, and what brought you to Sing for Hope!
•Step Two: Attend a fun and informative SFH orientation at our SFH Office / ArtSpace in midtown. You’ll meet other new Artist Partners, learn about our work and communities, and ask any questions you might have about the volunteering process.

VOLUNTEERING: Uplifting Lives, Transforming Communities

The heart of Sing for Hope is your generous gift of time and talent to communities in need.  As a Sing for Hope Artist Partner, you commit to volunteering in one or more of the following ways:

•Sharing your “art for all”: Volunteering in our partner community sites, and sharing creativity and hope where it is needed most, is what Sing for Hope is all about. Whether you’re bringing a song to a nursing home, a pirouette to a school, or watercolors to a veterans’ center, you are changing lives, and we applaud you!
Lending a hand behind the scenes: Sing for Hope is powered by a terrific staff, who are themselves powered by wit, wisdom, and really good coffee (all of which we will share with you). If you’re interested in helping out behind the scenes, come visit us at our midtown office, and have fun while doing good!
How do we love thee, let us count the ways: Volunteering at a Sing for Hope recruitment event is a great way for you to help us spread the word, build our roster, and reach more communities in need. Show SFH some love and help us “up our count” enrolling new volunteering Artist Partners at SFH recruitment events at universities, companies, conventions like BroadwayCon, etc.
Where have you been all my life? We all get busy at certain times of year, and one of the benefits of Sing for Hope is that you can volunteer as often or as infrequently as your schedule allows. That said, when it comes to you, more is more 🙂 We hope that you will create a steady rhythm in your schedule for your SFH volunteerism, building it into your calendar on a regular basis, whether quarterly, monthly, or even weekly.

GROWING THE MOVEMENT: Becoming an Amplifier for SFH & the Message of Art for All

Your generosity may be contagious; let it go viral! We live in a digital world with unprecedented opportunities to share our inspiration and ideals across the globe, thanks to social media. As a Sing for Hope Artist Partner, you can inspire your online community even as you inspire real-world communities. Help us grow the SFH movement and amplify our message of art for all through these easy actions:

•Follow SFH on social media. We know you love us, but do you like us? Sing for Hope requests that our Artist Partners like/follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so that we can sing your praises (your friends need to know how awesome you are!).
Post on your social media about your SFH volunteer experience. Tag us and use hashtags #singforhope and #artforall, and we promise to reshare!
Embed the SFH Logo on your website, (download here) linking it to our homepage We will do the same, linking your name on our awesome Artist Roster page to your professional website, manager’s site, or preferred online landing page.

Add a dash of SFH to your PR recipe: Show the public that your heart is as enormous as your talent!

List SFH in your professional bio, your Instagram bio, your LinkedIn, etc. In today’s crowded arts market, showing your effective action on behalf of a cause greater than yourself can be a cool differentiator, adding a clear message of humanitarian awareness and civic ethos to your (already sterling!) resume.

Swag it up: Because chic.

Be an SFH brand ambassador! Show your heart, design savvy, and the fabulous company you keep by sporting SFH T-shirts, buttons, totes, and the like, available free of charge for our Artist Partners.
Have a neat swag idea or connection you want to throw our way? Let us know!

Be part of a network of support: Network with other Sing for Hope Artist Partners, and enjoy the social and professional benefits of our terrific family of generous creatives!

The reality of life as an artist is that it can sometimes be a solitary path. As an SFH Artist Partner, you will receive regular invitations to various SFH mixers, events, panels, etc. Many of our Artist Partners refer to SFH as a “family,” and we are honored to know that we play a key role in the lives of so many of our city’s great creatives.
If you’re interested in connecting online, take advantage of the SFH Artist Partners Facebook Group – a terrific resource for all of our artists.

Introduce SFH to your circle: Let your friend network in on the joy of art for all!

Know of a school, hospital, veterans’ center, or other community organization that would benefit from Sing for Hope’s arts outreach programming? Let us know of any potential new partner sites you’d like us to serve, and we will be delighted to follow up to see if we can meet their needs.
To promote Sing for Hope’s message of “art for all,” SFH’s Co-Founders and staff have spoken at gatherings ranging from the UN to Fortune Most Powerful Women’s Summit, and at schools ranging from Harvard to P.S.81. Consider hooking us up with your school, alumni group, professional network, or any other association that may be interested in teaming up SFH to help bring the arts – and hope – to the people and places that need it most.

Pennies from Heaven: Fundraise for SFH through your own networks and earn extra angel wings!

All of SFH’s arts outreach work is supported by donors, many of whom are also Artist Partners. SFH Artist Partners also help promote our crowdsourcing campaigns (such as our “50 Pianos In 50 Schools” initiative) within their own circles, letting their networks know how meaningful our work is, and how much good a few extra dollars can do for the communities we serve.
Don’t want another ugly necktie or decorative bowl? Consider making SFH the charitable beneficiary of your next milestone birthday, opening night, wedding, or what have you! If you’d like to hear from our Artist Partners who’ve made SFH philanthropy part of their celebrations, give us a shout and we’ll connect you so you can hear their great experiences firsthand. In sum: supporting SFH by sponsoring a school, senior center, etc., with all the good karma that comes with that, is much more fun than receiving another another reindeer sweater!