Vanezza Cruz

Born and raised in the Bronx to Dominican parents, Cruz’s upbringing was rich in color, pattern and imagination. With an early education in art and music, she graduated Cum Laude from F.I.T with a BFA in Graphic Design. After a few years working as a graphic designer in the fashion industry, she then decided to return to college where she acquired an MFA in Printmaking at Lehman College. Cruz has shown her art in various groups shows throughout New York City and has participated in various organizations as a volunteer artist and teaching artist. Preferred methods of work range from printmaking, painting to illustration, mixed media collages and graphic design. Currently, Cruz lives and creates in The Bronx while working as a freelance graphic designer and in Art Education Administration.
About the piano
For this piano, I wanted to be challenged in my aesthetic approach. Although the color palette is reminiscent of that used in my creative process, my piano design incorporates two major elements that are very different from my artistic style. I decided to work with vinyl which is completely new for me to use as an artistic medium. Because I wanted a geometric design (the second varying component as my work tends to be curvilinear), I found that using vinyl would be best in achieving my aesthetic goals. I wanted to have the wood of the piano be as much a part of my overall design as the pieces of vinyl I was adhering to the piano. As I worked, eventually I no longer saw a piano. I just saw its raw materials in the most basest sense. It’s interesting to see the contrasting relationship between artificial and natural- the hard solid structure of the piano versus the pliable material of the vinyl. And every new piece of vinyl that was being introduced to the surface was like a marrying of these two varying forces. Working on this piano has not only increased my artistic scope and skill set, but has given me a new sense of freedom in that I am able to rework an object that is used to create art in another form and add to its beauty. Although there are minimal limitations to how I can alter parts of the piano, I have full creative control to adorn it in whatever fashion I saw fit. Being able to create on a completely different surface than what I am used to is something that I will take with me, and will utilize this cathartic experience as an added layer within my own creative practice.