Sing for Hope

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Julia Ladds Clauss

Collaborator: Meg Tweedy

Piano Title

About the Piano
Our piano will have a painted quilt that appears to drape over it. The patches of the quilt will be painted images of views mostly from New York. There will be painted shoes walking into the piano. Some Decorative finishes will be used. Thank you.

About the Artist
Julia is a painter. She is inspired by nature and what she sees everywhere in New York. She is working on a series of designs on reused objects. She taught Furniture Painting and also painted in her own Decorative Painting business. She believes in bringing people together through art and Sing for Hope's "art for all" message. Thank you.

Her collaborator is Meg Tweedy. Meg is an award-winning conceptual artist. Her work often incorporates objects which bring to mind and heart people in her life.