Sing for Hope

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Jee Hye Kim

Collaborator: Dahae Noh

Piano Title
New York, Love, Energy

About the Piano
Celebrating the diversity of New York City, this design is based on the happy energy that brings everyone together.

About the Artist
My alter ego is a time traveler who is on an eternal quest to find what true love could bring into the world. The love that she knows is an essence of creative life force that begat the universe, and she travels in time to contemplate the mysteries of love. In a time and space that loses itself by the minute, this essence is often hidden, and is missed unaware. So the time traveler sets out to capture its essence and transport it to the present reality before it vanishes.

In the journey to capturing love, the time traveler glides between fantasy and reality, creating portals to move across the universe through painting. She seeks to experience what is beyond herself, and portals allow entry into different times and places that remind her of love created in the real world.