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Emma Sky

Piano Title
Swirling Sounds

About the Piano
Black holes, dark matter, stars and planets dance around together on this Baldwin. Much of the space is textured with thick black, magenta, white, greys, blues and more. The singularity is more of a white hole than a black hole, but it pulls people to the piano from a distance, and as they get closer they can examine all kinds of fun details.

As a violinist as well as a painter, the nexus of music and visual art is something I love to explore. I believe that the universe is made of music, everything emits a vibration, all planets, all atoms, and those vibrations can come together in a tangible way through the sounds of this piano. I hope that those who play this piano experience the wonder, magic, and mystery of music and space.

About the Artist
In 1988, a three-year-old Emma Sky transformed a refrigerator box in her Vermont backyard into a painted canvas. Her mother (folk-singer Rachel Bissex) and father (jazz horn player and playwright Stephen Goldberg) saw this as an opportunity to both encourage her visual art and teach her the more practical art of faking “grown-up.”

So she went to school, but she did it for classical violin performance. The she got a job, but she did it playing hip-hop and teaching kids the violin. Then she moved to New York and opened a studio where she encourages adults to explore new instruments and artistic pursuits in the same way they'd have done as children. In helping others become artists, she reawakened her love of painting.

And now, to the chagrin of real grown-ups everywhere, Emma is a full-time visual artist and musician. Her work—as you may recognize—could be the product of a very creative kindergartner with a steady hand and 29 years of life experience; exploring colors, shapes, and the inside of her mind with each piece.

Her work is housed in art spaces, restaurants, theaters, schools, and private collections across the country. When she isn’t painting or making music, she co-runs Violint Wednesday Industries and worships the Elder Gods of H.P. Lovecraft.