Sing for Hope

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Daniel White

Piano Title
"Give the moon to me…"

About the Piano
Two lovers sit on a roof and look up at the moon. From where they sit, the moon looks small enough to hold with your hand. Since love is about turning your imagination into reality, I see no reason why you shouldn't be able to reach up and pluck the moon from the sky if the gal you love asks for it. This piano allows me to do just that.

Placing your fingers on this piano's keys will allow you to do the exact same thing…turn the love you have inside of yourself into something that is real.

About the Artist
I've never been any good at writing a bio because I usually let my drawings do the talking for me. I'm an illustrator, and I try to see and hear as much as I can during the day, and then narrow all that information down to a single image at night.

Some days are great, so on those nights I may draw something fun like a super hero. And some days can be a bit sad, or romantic…on those nights I try to draw what's inside my heart.

Occasionally I will collect some of these drawings and self publish a book, or show them at a gallery.

When I'm not drawing I can be found at my job working for Peter Max. And on Saturdays I can be found drinking coffee at the Witches Brew.