Arielle Trenk

Tiny People
Arielle Trenk is a 3D Artist currently attending the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, NY. She is working towards getting her degree in Computer Art, Animation, and Visual Effects. She specializes in Texturing, and Look Development. In addition to her love for 3D, Arielle is also passionate about Visual Development and Illustration. She is proud and excited to be participating in SFH's piano project for the second time, and enjoys any opportunity to create something with her hands.
About the piano
"Tiny People" is a piano covered with panels of bright, colorful people of all shapes, sizes, and poses. The brightness and variety in color contrasted on a black background is there to create a real life game of " I, Spy" for the viewer; everyone should be able to spot a little bit of themselves or someone they know. Her main goal with this piano is to make people smile. Often, when groups of people stand side by side each other, we can visually appreciate just how beautiful variety/differences are.