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Allison Ruiz

Piano Title

About the Piano
Instilling an interest and love for the arts in the younger generation is important to me, and I wanted to capture that as a portrait artist. By making the youth the main subject, they can be involved in the arts, both directly and indirectly. I tried to include as much diversity as possible, because I feel they should be representational of who we are ultimately serving in New York City.

About the Artist
Allison Ruiz hails from Queens, NY, where she currently resides. Her work has been published in Step Magazine, Type Directors Club, Gathering of Tribes, AIGA, and the female artist showcase "Bonds of Love". Classically trained with an interest in experimenting and collage, Ruiz "attacks" her pieces with a chaotic but controlled style. Her subject matter varies, from portraiture to typography to street art. Her approach ultimately adds grace to grit, and grit to grace.