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Alina Rayas

Piano Title
The house on 1418 - La casa en la 1418

About the Piano
The cousin-artist duo come from a huge vibrant Mexican-American family in El Paso. Their grandmother's house was always filled with color, sound, and life. As artists in the family, they observed their surroundings, absorbed it and continue to recreate it in their own artistic ways. This artwork is not about the physical space of the house, it is about the feelings they had from when they were in it: love, happiness, laughter, playfulness. It is through this colorful piano they invite you to explore those feelings.

About the Artist
Alina Rayas is an emerging artist working primarily in performance art and community based art. Her work explores human connection, love, and time while challenging the relationship between the artist and “viewer”. She graduated with a B.S. in Television, Radio, and Film from Syracuse University. Her work, Love Thy Neighbor, a minimalist street art wall piece about the importance of love in neighborhoods, has been featured in local press and became well-known in her hometown, El Paso, Texas.

Rayas' collaborator is artist Ayde Rayas-Gribben. Ayde Rayas-Gribben is a Licenced Creative Art Therapist and Artist working in New York. As an Art Therapist and graduate of the SVA, MPS Art Therapy Program, Rayas-Gribben has reached many populations. Her goal as an Art Therapist is to create a safe space for self expression. Rayas-Gribben has exhibited artwork in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Ithaca, and France. Her bold and whimsical body of work are reflections of nature and the human spirit. Her work is deeply influenced by her Mexican roots and is inspired by her grandmother's resourcefulness.