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Adam Kidder

Piano Title
Music Machine #1

About the Piano
My piano is a tribute to the long, joyous musical tradition of music and musical accompaniment within the cultures of fun and celebration in New York City. From the simple impromptu dance party on the street or musician entertaining on the subway platform to the halls of Lincoln center, we're a city that loves music. Music machine #1 is meant to be open to interpretation, but at least aims to show an imaginative version of what goes into and what comes out of a Piano that's making music for the masses to enjoy as they see fit.

About the Artist
Adam Kidder is a contemporary visual artist living and working in New York City. His body of work and favored mediums are diverse and include traditional painting, comix, animation and large scale mural work.

He comes from a mixed American tradition of artists influenced by their immediate culture both high and low.