Nathan Sykes Sings for Hope
July 05, 2017

Join Nathan Sykes and help raise funds for music programs for children in need.


Sing for Hope is honored to have Nathan Sykes join us in our efforts to bring art and music to NYC’s neediest kids.

“I think it’s incredibly important to bring music to kids. It encourages creativity, and it’s important that children are made to feel like they have a gift.”
– Nathan Sykes

Nathan designed a gorgeous Sing for Hope Piano that spent its summer days at Little Red Square in the West Village and will continue to inspire kids for years to come at the Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics. He designed the piano in monochrome black and white (notice the black and white keys are reversed) “because music brings color to the world.”

Thanks to Nathan for taking a stand for arts education and believing, as we do, in art for all!

Won’t you please join Nathan in helping us bring 50 Sing for Hope Pianos to 50 public schools? Every penny of the $100,000 we must raise by July 31st goes to bring the gift of creativity to underserved schools. Click here to give now.