My Infinite Agenda Supports Sing for Hope with their “Product with Purpose”
September 29, 2017
Essentials for a Productive Morning: “My Infinite Agenda” in Midnight Blue, & Coffee (Photo by My Infinite Agenda)

Sing for Hope believes in the power of artistic inclination, and in putting creativity to use for the greater good. No one shares that belief more strongly than the visionary creators of My Infinite Agenda–an elegant vision-board planner designed to help you clarify and achieve your goals, with partial proceeds from all sales supporting charities with powerful visions and impacts to match. Sing for Hope is honored to be one of those beneficiaries.

Like Sing for Hope, My Infinite Agenda was founded by best-friend opera-singers, who wanted to harness the power of creativity to give back. Co-founders Raquel and Katie arrived in NYC ambitious and ready for graduate education. In the pursuit of their dreams, these two artists found success in the power of positive thinking, while keeping a daily focus on short-term & long-term goals, and wildest dreams.

Fast forward ten years, Raquel Suarez Groen & Katie Copland have brilliantly channeled their methodology into a dynamic tool that gives the power of goal actualization to both the user and the charity beneficiary. Using the expansive, functional writing space, My Infinite Agenda allows you to organize your daily schedule while simultaneously chronicling your highest ambitions and successes within the structure of simple guided sections.

Pictured: My Infinite Agenda Co-Founders Katie Copland (left), and Raquel Suarez Groen.

,We are extremely proud to partner with Sing for Hope. It is a privilege knowing that through the help of our donations, Sing for Hope is one step closer to accomplishing its dream of bringing the arts to all! Our mission is to help you build the life you want, while changing the life of another, say Katie and Raquel.

Sing for Hope believes in adding art and inspiration to our lives wherever possible, and My Infinite Agenda is a work of art itself. ,At SFH, we often say that access to the arts is so vital because it builds the imagination, and the first step to creating positive change is to imagine it. My Infinite Agenda helps you imagine, ideate, organize, and create! We are honored that the brilliant women behind My Infinite Agenda have chosen Sing for Hope as a charitable beneficiary, say Sing for Hope Co-Founders Camille Zamora and Monica Yunus.

My Infinite Agenda (2018) comes in three color palettes, each supporting a different nonprofit: Days for Girls (blush cover), charity: water (black cover), and Sing for Hope (midnight blue). To support Sing for Hope through your purchase, choose My Infinite Agenda in midnight blue (pictured below).

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